Delphi University Crystal Healing Courses and Graduate Workshops

Delphi University Crystal Healing Training Delphi University Crystal Healing Training Delphi University Crystal Healing Training

Delphi University Vogul Crystal Healing Training

Part I

How to Use and Work with Crystals

Course Description

In this comprehensive crystal course you will learn about the various qualities and properties
of crystals and how to use them to help yourself and others for healing, higher communication,
personal growth and manifestation, and planetary upliftment.

Crystals are great sources of light and energy, and are one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon
humanity. This course will introduce you to the magical worlds of the mineral kingdom. Among the
many topics included in this experiential workshop are the following:

    Introduction to the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom
    Crystal History - Past, present and future use of crystals
    The 8 Crystal Types and Configurations
    The Family of Crystals
    Planetary and Zodiacal Relationships with Crystals
    Selection, Care, Clearing, Charging, and Programming Crystals
    The Magical and Healing Properties of Crystals
    How to Use and Work with Crystals
    Meditating with Crystals
    Important Healing Stones and Their Uses
    Balancing the Chakras with Crystals
    Using Crystals for Healing of Self and Others
    Crystal Healing Techniques and Layouts

Prerequisite: none
*Certification awarded in Crystal Healing

Part I Course Fees
3 Day Weekend Intensive April 24-26, 2017
Tuition: $875 (includes food and lodging) 

Delphi University Crystal Healing Training Delphi University Crystal Healing Training Delphi University Crystal Healing Training

Delphi University Vogul Crystal Healing Training

Part II

Advanced Crystal Healing
Laser Crystal Surgery
& Psychic Protection Techniques

Course Description

Today, more than ever, our healing work and challenges have expanded into the area of
energy block removal and attachments. In this cutting edge workshop you will learn 
advanced methods of crystal healing including crystal surgery techniques utilizing laser
crystals for the removal of energy blocks and attachments, Divine Names of God and sacred 
language mantras for generating spiritual power and alchemical processes, and reliable
methods and techniques of psychic power and protection. You will also gain an expanded 
understanding about the various qualities and properties of quartz crystals and how to 
use them to help yourself and others. Among the topics included in this experiential 
workshop are the following:
	Diamantina Laser Wands and Other Healing Crystals
	Identifying and Removing Energy Blocks, Thoughtforms, and Attachments
	Performing Crystal Energy Surgery Using Laser Crystals
	Divine Names of God and Sacred Language Mantras
	Alchemy and Sacred Kabbalistic Techniques
	Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques
	Psychic Protection
	Vogel Light Machine demonstration and use

April 26-29, 2017 - Tuition $1275 includes food and lodging.

Open to all experienced Delphi Healers
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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training

at Delphi University

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy I
A Powerful Spiritual Healing Tool
Delphi University staff member Yvonne Christman
Presented by Dr. Yvonne M. Christman who has taught
Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy for 17 Years
Course Description

In Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training I, our focus is to provide a powerful academic and experiential 
process that is transformative, and which teaches you how to use the inherent resources of the Inner 
Self to create miracles of healing for yourself and your clients. 

Although hypnotherapy is an independent clinical form of therapy, our approach is to teach integrative 
techniques that will empower any form of trance therapy and especially our RoHun™ processes. We 
offer progressive and systematic methods that enhance traditional and spiritual techniques to enter the 
interior mechanisms of the sub-conscious mind. 

In RoHun™ Therapy, we perform very sacred processes in the unconscious mind. However, there is a 
level of the psyche that precedes the unconscious, which is known as the subconscious mind. This level 
of mind is primarily cellular as well as cognitive and emotional in nature.  It is the mind the ego uses before 
the ego is integrated into the essence of our soul. 

You are invited to come and assist us with activating our soul-centered intention and to provide 
comprehensive training with high standards of excellence in the field of transpersonal hypnotherapy for
use as a primary career and/or as an adjunct to all other professions in the healing arts. 

The course instructor is Yvonne Christman. For 17 years, she has trained healers, therapists, and
clinicians to become creative and creditable hypnotherapists throughout the United States and South Africa. 

Currently, she teaches 2-year internship programs in clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy. She is a 
Doctorate level RoHun™ field instructor who teaches the therapist level of RoHun™ as well as specializing
in teaching esoteric, subtle energy, and RoHun™ courses in the United States and South Africa.

Prerequisite: None
Purpose: To provide the Student with powerful tools to unlock the power of the subconscious and unconisious minds to heal the source of deep issues and soul wounding for their clients and self.
Cost:  $1,375.00

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy 2

Spirit Releasement Therapy
Presented by Dr. Yvonne M. Christman
Dr Christman has performed and taught Spirit Releasement for 16 Years
Course Description

This is a powerful tool for Hypnotherapy and RoHun™ Therapists. Using these techniques, your 
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and RoHun™ sessions with clients will flourish. Don’t Miss Giving Yourself 
This Gift.  

Spirit Releasement Therapy is an exceptional form of healing which reveals and distinguishes constructive 
energies that enrich personal growth, and clears unconstructive energies (whether internally created or 
externally attached) that restrict personal growth and physical well-being - on levels ranging from cellular 
consciousness to spiritual consciousness. 
This is a very important Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Class. It is necessary education if you are willing to 
perform advanced trance therapy and refine your trance skills for clients who need spirit releasement 
processes to heal at deeper levels.

  • Perform Spirit Releasement Therapy Safely Using Specialized Techniques
  • Perform Evacuation Of Spirit Possessions, Extraterrestrials, and Dark Forces, and Employ Safeguard 
    Techniques to Insure they Do Not Return, and also learn why they do.
  • Safely Perform Remote Depossessions
  • Determine When Your Client is in Trance, and also if there Is more than One Client present. There Are 
    Obvious And Nonobvious Signs. 
  • Identify And Release Elementals, Thoughtforms, and Complexes 
  • Examine Your Own Aura For Externally Attached Energies
  • Recognize The Various Forms Of Self-Possession And How To Release This Condition.
  • Identify And Heal Self-Possessing Shadow Aspects 
  • How Shock And Trauma Relates To Soul Retrieval and Entity Attachment
  • Recognize Signs Of A Psychic Attack And How To Abort The Attack
  • Recognize Soul Theft, Soul Loss, Spiritual Fragmentation, And Perform Recovery Techniques 
  • Perform Past Life Therapy - Invoking And Processing Past Lives  to Identify and Retrieve Lost Skills,
    Talents, Soul Fragments and to Perform Spirit Releasement
  • Properly Identify MPD/DID From Spirit Possession 

Prerequisite: 6 day Delphi University Transpersonal Hypnotherapy One Training

Purpose: 	To Enhance Trance Techniques For Personal Growth And Professional Skill Refinement

Cost:  $1,375.00

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Therapy Analysis

Delphi University Therapy Analysis Workshop
Course Description

In this intensive training designed for Yhandi graduates and RoHun™ Doctorate 
students, students learn to heighten their therapeutic skills and intuitive 
analysis so that they can access their clients' needs more smoothly and directly. 
The therapist learns what to ask and how to ask it. The results are easier, 
targeted sessions that save your client energy and bring more profound results 
in your healing work.

4 day course: $1,675 includes food and lodging.

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The University of Self Knowledge

Delphi University Crystal Healing Training
Course Description
The University's Study and Training Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Program is 
unparalleled and unlike any other program of its kind. The program blends innovative 
esoteric and metaphysical teachings with sacred teachings of the East and West, 
as well as specific meditative practices that inspire illumined states of 
consciousness and light the way to God-Realization.  Participants in the program 
each receive a personal mentor who will provide leadership, support, guidance, and 
encouragement to students in their spiritual mission.

Each course introduces new and innovative teachings through an ordered and progressive 
curriculum that assists individuals in discovering and expressing the Light within. 
The spiritual journey begins with the Introductory Course and continues through 
Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Training. Each study course progressively 
guides individuals through the process of acquiring Self-Knowledge, Self-Enlightenment 
and God-Realization. This is accomplished through specific components that work in 
synergy to lift individuals to higher and illumined dimensions of mind and being.  
Each step of the journey takes you into greater stages of inspiration and illumination.

The Mentors

Only spiritually aware and experienced souls are chosen to serve as Mentors for each 
student to provide leadership, support, guide, and encourage students in their spiritual 
mission. Mentors fulfill a significant and valuable role in enlightenment studies, for 
they have traveled the path of Enlightenment themselves, and are able to attune to your 
energy and offer valuable guidance and direction to help you over and around any obstacles 
on the path. You will benefit greatly through their experience.  There is nothing more 
wonderful than to have an interested, loving, and caring person to monitor your studies 
and give guidance and support so that you are able to reach greater and more illumined 
states of mind. It is extremely helpful to receive confirmation of your spiritual progress 
each week as well as specific direction when needed.  You will progress steadily one step 
at a time.  Your mentor helps you to know where you are and how you are doing each step of 
the way.  He/She becomes your personal coach and trainer and works intimately with you 
throughout your enlightenment studies. The Mentors of The University of Self Knowledge are 
advanced in their spiritual studies and have been extensively trained in esoteric and 
metaphysical teachings and have developed their spiritual vision and inner senses to a 
very high degree. Each has his/her Doctorate Degree from Delphi University.

The Study and Training Program is for all who are seeking greater meaning in their lives, 
nourishment for the soul, and mystical experience.  This unique and cutting-edge 
Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Program assists spiritual seekers from all over the 
world to discover the depth of their love and wisdom, and the real and magnificent world 
of Spirit that is available to us all.  

For more information or to register visit Self Enlightenment.

The 4 Week Self-Enlightenment Introductory Course is $149

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