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Delphi Inner Sanctuary Course
Inner Sanctuary Training

When Spirit Calls, Inner Sanctuary provides the answer

It is through our Spirit that we have the power to express life with wisdom, love, and harmony.
It is through our inspired mind that we have the wisdom, clarity, focus, and direction to
transform our thoughts and continually evolve towards greater self-expression.
It is through our magnificently designed physical body that Our Spirit lives and fulfills its purpose.

Connect with your Spirit & Create Your Sacred Space

Inner Sanctuary Training is a wonderful meditative process which creates a deep
and effective interaction with one’s soul and Higher Self.
Through the Inner Sanctuary, you have all the tools necessary to:
(1) Transform negative thoughts and emotions to light
(2) Receive healing and balancing from your Higher Self
(3) Learn to freely feel good about yourself
(4) Connect with your powerful mind and heal your heart
(5) Receive direct answers from your Higher Self to solve immediate
     problems/situations in your life
(6) Learn how to truly manifest your hopes and dreams
(7) Revitalize and energize your connection with the Divine
Inner Sanctuary Training
is a fairly simple, but profound process and is suitable for those who are beginning to meditate as well as who are well experienced in meditation. We cannot recommend it highly enough for we have seen lives change wonderfully and dramatically with the application of the process.

Length of course: 3 days Course Tuition (includes Food & Lodging)
Delphi University Inner Sanctuary Training Certificate awarded
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