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In-Depth Channeling

From the Arthur Ford School

The Next Step on your Spiritual Journey

The ability to channel energy and information is one of the key foundations of spiritual practice. At Delphi we train sensitive people from all walks of life to develop, refine, and express their spiritual gifts and abilities. The In-Depth Channeling program awakens your intuitive abilities, and will teach you time-proven methods to become a clear, accurate, and consistent channel of love, light, and healing. Using the most innovative methods, students are taught skills which allow one to "tune in" and receive a continuous, accurate, and consistent flow of energy, information, guidance, and inspiration. The Arthur Ford Academy at Delphi is truly a model of the ancient mystery schools. Each student is universally selected for his/her purpose and desire to help self and others. The In-Depth Channeling course is the foundation course at Delphi and is the prerequisite for entering both the Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics and the RoHun™ Studies Programs.

Learn how to use Your Spiritual Gifts
Develop Your Intuitive & Healing Abilities
Establish a Clear Loving Relationship
with Your Spiritual Guides
Begin Your Own Spiritual Practice

Each moment is filled with Love,
Inspiration and Enlightenment

The 7-Day Intensive/60 hour In-Depth training program includes:

Channeling - Learning to become a clear, reliable channel of energy and information
Color Energies – The meanings and power of color energies
Developing Spiritual Senses – Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Direct Knowing
Energy Healing – Complementary & Cooperative Forms of Energy Healing
Energy Sensitivity & Perception – Understanding, recognizing, and perceiving energy
Human Energy Fields, Subtle Bodies & Chakras - Your energy system and how it works
Illness & Disease – How negative thoughts & feelings affect health & harmony
Initiate Training – Purpose, love, self-awareness   
Intuitive Counseling – Channeling wisdom and information to help others
Meditation & Visualization - Development of spiritual vision, imagery, and inner senses
Mediumship - Communication with departed loved ones
Past Life Regression - Revisiting past lives to gain insight about current life
Photograph Reading - Gaining information through photographs
Pranic Breathing – Using the breath to access and direct spiritual energy
PSI Investigation - Using higher abilities to gain information
Psychic Reading – Reliably expressing your psychic gifts & abilities
Psychic Training – Becoming a Psychic Reader
Sacred Sound - Using sound, music, tone, and sacred language
Spiritual Art - Drawing and interpreting spiritual energy

Program Certification

Graduates are awarded Certificate of Mediumship from the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship.


One Week (7 days) Intensive: Course Tuition Includes all meals & lodging at our beautiful retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Airport pickup available (see Tuition for fees)

Upcoming Class Dates

Please check our current Class Schedule for course dates which are scheduled throughout the year.

The Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, also known as the Arthur Ford School was founded in 1974 by Patricia Hayes, administrative assistant, colleague and friend of the late Arthur Ford, world famous medium.

A Letter from Founder Patricia Hayes

Dear Friend,

One of the major influences on me and my spiritual practice was the late Arthur Ford. Arthur was a famous medium from Ft Pierce, Florida who initially struggled with his spiritual abilities and experiences, but was later taught how to harness and express his spiritual gifts by the Indian mystic Yogananda. In his life, Arthur maintained a deep connection with the other side and was a master of spiritual communication.

Arthur's is most well-known for his connection with the famous magician Harry Houdini. It was Arthur who carried Houdini's proof of life after death message back to his wife Beatrice who confirmed that it was the exact same message upon which she and her husband had agreed before his untimely death. Houdini had promised then that, if indeed there was an afterlife, he would find a way to get word back to her to prove it.

Arthur Ford was a spiritual pioneer who spent his entire life expressing and developing ways and means of spiritual communication. In 1971 he made his transition to the other side. I had worked with Arthur the last five years of his life as his personal assistant and was with him at his passing.

In 1974, Arthur came to me in a psychic vision. In that moment, I saw the process, method, and direction for a new concept of mediumship. The new concept was introduced to sensitive individuals selected from a cross section of the country. Those first students experienced a spiritual reality that far surpassed their greatest expectations.

This training method, In-Depth Channeling, is timeless, and continues to prove most effective, empowering, and inspiring. The experiences and methods of spiritual communication learned have significant value in the daily lives of our students, many of who choose to continue their studies with our school to further develop and use their spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities professionally to help others.

Science is coming to understand what mystics have always known. We can use our spiritual gifts to be of greater service to our fellow man. The gifts of healing, wisdom, and spiritual communication can be developed to help us live our lives with greater depth, purpose, and direction. We can choose to develop our intuitive and spiritual abilities to share greater love, peace, joy and healing with all who are in our presence, or who step upon our paths.

In Love and Light,
Patricia Hayes

Patricia Hayes has been a pioneer in spiritual consciousness for over 35 years. Through her methodized teaching and research, she has been responsible for the breakthrough that right-brain development can be taught and utilized as a source of creative-intuitive intelligence. Patricia founded the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, where she has trained thousands of individuals who now work professionally in more than 28 different countries to help serve those in need.


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