Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary

Mauricio Panisset
Healing Sanctuary

Experience the
Healing Engeries
at Delphi

Committed to our purpose of helping others and sharing God's gifts of healing, each month Delphi University holds the Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary.

Actual photo of Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary       Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary at DelphiDedicated to the memory of Mauricio Panisset, the extraordinary Brazilian healer known as the Man of Light, the Healing Sanctuary at Delphi is a sacred place where you can receive the wonderful energies of Love, Light, and Healing. One day a month (except January), people from all over the country come to receive the beautiful spiritual gifts channeled by our gifted and devoted Delphi healers for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Individual healing sessions are given to all who come without charge. Love offerings accepted.

Overnight accommodations and meals are available. Please wear all white clothing and call us at 706-492-2772 or 1-888-335-7448 to let us know you are coming, or email us at Please set your intentions for what you want to receive, consistent with your highest good.
Healing Sanctuary at Delphi
We hope to see you here at Delphi. The Healing Sanctuary is held on the First Friday of every month at 7:30PM (except January).