RoHun™ Therapist Purification Program

The RoHun™ Therapist Program curriculum consists of the following courses:

Prerequisites: In-Depth Channeling
Purification Program: RoHun™ I - RoHun™ Cards
RoHun™ II - Purification
RoHun™ III - Advanced Purification/Group RoHun™
RoHun™ IV - Shadows/Caged One Process

Upon completion of the prerequisite and program courses, you will earn:

  • Certification as a RoHun™ Purification Therapist
  • Ministerial Ordination in the Church of Wisdom ($100 fee)
  • Eligibility for entrance into the RoHun™  Program

RoHun™ Purification
Cleansing the Auric Egg

RoHun is a Holistic Therapy and Process of Enlightenment that blends spiritual and psychological processes.

The first phase of RoHun is Purification, which is taught in four courses. This phase is a corrective and cleansing process. The RoHun Therapist works in each of the major chakras transforming negative patterns, self-limiting thought structures, and repressed emotions that block creative and productive behavior. As blocks are released, the kundalini energy rises up the chakra system awakening spiritual and intuitive abilities that set in motion a positive healthy energy field that attracts greater and more loving experiences to the client.

RoHun™ I - RoHun™ Cards Course Description

The first course introduces RoHun™ with the RoHun™ Enlightenment and Self-Healing Cards as a progressive, modern, psychotherapeutic tool designed to facilitate self-healing, self-growth, and the healing of others.

Students learn the Release/Healing Process that enables them to find specific blocks that negatively influence relationships, behavior, attitudes, and acceptance. You discover the origin and the faulty thought patterns that created the blocks. Using a specific, directive process, you are able to completely release the negative energies that have limited your life.

RoHun™ I - RoHun™ Cards Course Fees

Length of Course: 3 days
Course Tuition
Materials Fee: $50 (RoHun™ Cards)

RoHun™ II - RoHun™ Purification Course Description

The second course teaches the RoHun™ Healing Process of Purification. Students are taught etheric surgery techniques for the removal of energy blocks and for resolving internal conflicts and negativity. The students learn methods of opening the higher chakras, balancing male/female energies and activating the inner senses and creative processes.

The RoHun™ Process, which involves a sequence of therapeutic sessions, is taught and illustrated using live demonstrations. Students have the opportunity through supervised practice to administer and receive each phase in the sequence. Attention is given to deciphering the stages of the therapeutic process, particularly the moment of healing and exacting effective intervention. The student is able to practice and perform RoHun™ Purification Therapy at the completion of this workshop.

RoHun™ II - Purification Course Fees

Length of Course: 7 days
Course Tuition
Prerequisites: RoHun I, Student must also receive and experience the RoHun Purification Therapy
Membership Fee: $50 (RoHun™ Professional Association.)

RoHun™ III - Advanced Purification/Group RoHun™ Course Description

The third course focuses on methods of extending and intensifying the basic RoHun™ Purification Process and introduces Skim Sessions for continued purification, and Splits in Consciousness for healing specific problems. Past Life Therapy is presented as a vehicle to releasing traumatic elements of the unconscious. The Dynamics of Group RoHun™, both as facilitator and participant, are also taught to expand one's RoHun™ Practice.

RoHun™ III - Advanced Purification/Group RoHun™ Course Fees

Length of Course: 5 days
Course Tuition

RoHun™ IV - Shadows/Caged One Process Course Description

The fourth course introduces techniques that are designed to move to increasingly greater depths of the unconsciousness where "Caged Ones" or elements of the shadows are surfaced and exorcised. Each phase of RoHun™ deals with lower consciousness issues and their transformation to higher states. Progressively, the balance shifts through the stages of RoHun™ to techniques that explore higher order states, creating the Alternate Balance. New and higher states of self-integration become possible with techniques that facilitate transition into new levels of creative functioning.

RoHun™ IV - Shadows/Caged One Process Course Fees

Length of Course: 5 days
Course Tuition