Metaphysician Studies Overview

Metaphysician Program at Delphi

You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding and self-enlightening journeys of your life. Your studies will significantly increase your intuitive and spiritual abilities and train you in many new skills and methods that will enable you to experience and present a totally integrative Program of Spiritual Development and Holistic Healing.

Metaphysics is the belief in and the study of the eternal nature of our consciousness and the study of the spiritual, transcendental, and intuitive as being vital aspects in the unfoldment of our full potential as human beings. Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development offers Practitioner, Masters and Doctorate Programs in Metaphysics.

Metaphysician Practitioner Program

The Metaphysician Practitioner Program at Delphi will:

  • Further your spiritual understanding, awaken your spiritual memory, and inspire your spiritual experience.
  • Teach you metaphysical skills and the application of metaphysical methods of treatment for the purpose of holistic healing and spiritual unfoldment.
  • Assist you, the Metaphysician Practitioner, in beginning and/or expanding your Holistic practice.

A Metaphysician Practitioner:

  • Is an individual who has chosen to be a keeper of the light and a channel of spiritual knowledge, who embraces and utilizes the universal forces of Love, Light, and Healing.
  • Is an individual who assists other individuals who are seeking healing and searching for spiritual awareness.
  • Is an individual who has acquired experience, knowledge, skills and wisdom that enable him or her to serve, to guide, support and assist all who seek healing and spiritual unfoldment.
Masters and Doctorate Programs in Metaphysics

Your studies to become a Master Metaphysician, Holistic Practitioner, and Doctor of Metaphysical Healing will significantly increase your psychic abilities and train you in many new skills and methods, enabling you to both experience as well as give and present a totally integrative holistic healing regeneration and healing program.

Each method you learn will benefit you and your clients, and can be used and applied for many specific needs in your holistic practice. 

The final class of the Doctorate Program presents the Connecting With Spirit Program. Lesson plans for intuitive and spiritual training, and the order and combination of specific methods for a structured accelerated system of holistic regeneration and healing are included in this intensive training. Certification as a Holistic Practitioner as well as a doctorate degree are awarded upon completion.

Three individual Institutes grant certification in the Masters and Doctorate levels:

  • Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development (PHISD)
  • Delphi University
  • Church of Wisdom
Students who complete both the Metaphysician and RoHun™ Programs are awarded the following degrees from Delphi University:

Bachelor of Science in Metaphysical Healing
Masters of Science in Transpersonal Psychology
Doctorate of Science in Integrative and Preventative Healing
Metaphysician Studies Program Curriculum

Prerequisite: In-Depth Channeling
Practitioner Program:
Advanced Channeling
Mysteries of Color and Sound Healing
Healing Mysteries
Masters Program:
Mysteries of Soul Logos
Mysteries of Male/Female Healing
Yhandi - Inner Child/Adult Integration
Doctorate Program:
Spiritual Anatomy & Light Energization™ I
Spiritual Anatomy & Light Energization™ II
Holistic Healing System*
*Prerequisites for Holistic Healing System include Inner Sanctuary Training (which may be taken at any time during the course of study), and Inner Sanctuary Instructor's Training (which may be taken at any time after Mysteries of Soul Logos).